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At BBQthingz™, all of the products we sell are our OWN BRAND! We don't have to contend with paying markups to the big distributors and retailer's to sell their stuff! Instead, we decided to carry our own line of BBQ tools, outdoor kitchen accessories, rubs and BBQ sauces!

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means we sell our products for far less! And YES, you will get the same quality you would expect when buying from the major retail grill company’s, BBQ tools and outdoor kitchen accessory brands, but at HALF the price! Shop with BBQthingz™, and save your money to spend it on the things that matter... your ingredients, your FRIENDS and your FAMILY!


Smokin' Grill 

The Smokin' Grill™  BBQ sauce, hot sauce and dry rub seasoning line is a private food brand founded and sold by BBQthingz™. The Smokin' Grill™ brand was inspired by the founders zest for outdoor grilling and desire to connect award winning sauces, dry rubs and hot sauces rubs with grilling and barbecue enthusiasts! Some of our most popular Smokin' Grill Sauces and seasoning rubs are: